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A winner never quits and a quitter never wins, We can do it, targeting monthly 5 Lac Pcs from now on…………………………. “Champions are people with ordinary ability but extraordinary determination “ ….. Reza Group

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REZA GROUP has started operations on early 1997 and regularly exporting mainly to Europe, Turkey and major products are any kind of woven bottoms for Babies / Kids / Ladies & Mens and can handle any kind of fabrics in cotton, polyester mix, T/C, cotton/stretch etc in non denim and denim also can do any kind of garment washing based on buyers requirements. Further more we have our own textile mills where we can produce any kind of cotton fabric eg. Poplin, canvas, twill, herringbone, slub twill etc.

Major Buyers : Lindex , Tema , C&A, Ovesse, Nkd, Pizza Italia etc..

Monthly production capacity : 315,000 pcs

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We offer most varieties of products in Men, Women and Children ranges with a medium to high end product standard and with a wide experience in washes and hand made effects.

Ladies, Men's, Children's Woven PANT(LONG/SHORT),

JACKET, ROMPER BERMUDA.(Made by Denim & all other Cotton Fabrics)

  Apparel Unit
  Reza Fashions Limited
  Allure Apparel Limited
  Fashion Plus Limited
  Textile Unit
  Reza Fabrics Limited
  Padma Industrial Park
  Spinning Unit
  Under Construction

Reza Group - Company Profile (Apparel Unit)

Reza Group - Company Profile (Textile Unit)